Born and raised in France, Yann has lived in Belgium, New Zealand and the USA. He now resides on the Colorado front range. There have always been photos on the walls of his life. Yann sees moments and experiences. "People in Motion" is his specialty. He's crafted photos for 20 years and can bring out the best of his subjects and surroundings.Yann especially excels where there are movement and sparks, capturing the essence of his/her subject during their favorite moments or actions. Photos or videos of moments that no one sees as you are too remote, too fast, or it is simply impractical. Yann will come with you, ride with you, climb with you, or be with you, anywhere your soul is at peace.

Working with Yann

"You have an ease with people." "You reassure them." These are thoughts shared with Yann by people with whom he works. It's probably because he feels it's a privilege to 'be' with them in these moments.


- "Yann does amazing work, capturing the action, essence, and fun!" Chris Q.

- "Thanks for covering the short track, great shots!!" Nicole DD.

- "Awesome photos from the fundraiser, thanks for takin 'em and sharing!" Tracy Y.

- "Yann, you did an amazing job with your shots! Ryan and Elisabeth are so photogenic! What a wonderful weekend! Thank-you. We look forward to referring you!" Beaver Meadow Resort Ranch

- "Yann, thank you for the beautiful pictures. Now that a few days have allowed me to catch up on some sleep I finally had the chance today to really go through all your shots, and they brought me to tears. Thank you SO much for taking these and sharing them. They are incredible." Isabel von R.

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